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Students are introduced to the basics of music theory and performance techniques on bass guitar, acoustic guitar and keyboarding. They not only perform a popular work for the concert, but build an original composition for performance featuring several instrumentalists in solo presentations.

Performances are also rendered by the Kindergarten through 8th grades classes, our Achievers and Warrior praise band and vocal ensemble during school concerts.  The music department is led by a seasoned, and talented musician, Ms. Benita Edwards, Fine Arts Director.

The inaugural Fine Arts Department fundraiser Best of Success Showcase (B.O.S.S.) brought the 70’s to life in a rousing performance of the decade's favorite songs by students and staff. The capacity-filled Love, Peace and Music theme provided an avenue to bring greater awareness of SUA’s creative music offerings to the community by some of our most talented singers.

The event featured solo and group performances by students, staff and the SHINE Choir — filled with dance routines and 70’s attire; plus the SUA cheerleaders in go-go boots, mini-skirts and an ‘all-out engaging’ music setting. Students also provided sound, light and live music support.

The SHINE Show Choir was formed in the fall of 2015. The ensemble is comprised of fifth through eighth grade students, but utilizes the SUA High School Singers for larger performances. The talents of our high school music classes are spotlighted each semester during our winter and spring recitals. Ninety-five percent of these students have never had any formal music training prior to the instruction received during class.

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