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Footlights Drama Team,  which includes middle and high school performing arts students, learn how to use the power of sharing and communicating through annual presentations of classical and contemporary works.  Acting not only helps students with stage presentation, but empower  them to connect with people wherever they go. 

The drama department is under the leadership of Mrs. Liz Lee.and the program encourages middle and upper school students to pursue their dream of being involved in live theatrical/musical productions.  The drama department's goal is to  produce two shows annually.   Recent  productions have included:

  • "High School Musical Jr."

  • "Jam Jar Sonnet"

  • "The Butler Did It " 

  • "OZ, The Musical"

  •  "Robin Hood: The Musical"

  •  "Just Another High School Play"

  •  "A Christmas Extravaganza: The Musical"

  •  "Between Good and Evil"


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