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In 1997, Success Unlimited began a tutorial center. It wasn’t until 2000 that Success Unlimited became an academy. We have never lost sight of our original vision to help educate children in Montgomery and the River Region. As a tutorial center, we provide teachers with experience in individualized instruction to help your child find success in school.


Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Thursday

  • $40 per hour


To arrange for tutoring for your child, please email our Director Lauren Morgan at


Whether your child is in the public school system or in the private sector, we can provide tools for your child to accomplish their learning goals. 






Lauren Morgan, M.Ed
Director of Tutoring,
Night School and
Distance Education

"The Tutoring Center has been a god-send for my daughter. I have never known a child who loves tutoring, but my daughter does!  Not only is it helping her, she loves to go, and gets upset when she has to miss a session"  -A Thankful Mom

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